Sunday, February 6, 2011

Okay, a real update

Duh. An actual update. I forget that not everyone knows the constant stream of thoughts I have about this project.

1000H1000S is trucking along smoothly now, here in February There was a shaky time (aka January), when work was exhausting, I broke up with my boyfriend, got the flu, and had a nice bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder--but now, 1000H1000S is back on track.

1. The limited edition prints of haiku (going out to pretty much all the backers, I decided, because they're going to be made so well, I want everyone to have one) are currently being printed by a small but very reputable shop called AccuColor in the city. Their work is stunning; I was sold on them the moment they show me examples of what they've done. Those should be finished by the end of next week, so once those make it into my hands, I can match them up with some haiku and start getting them out to folks.

2. This project is highly time consuming--something I suspected going into it, but wow. Beyond the creation, the conception can be what takes up the most energy.... scouring printed materials, secondhand shops, vintage shops, etc, for things I can incorporate into haiku takes hours and hours. Transport post-blizzard (if you hadn't heard, Chicago got hit with over 2 ft of snow this week) is so compromised that it's really had an effect on my mobility.

3. Patience is not my strong suit, especially at the end of a long day, and 1000H1000S is schooling me big time. My hands enjoy betraying me by making tiny slips at the very end of a haiku, or my penchant for crookedness in written text. Beer aides me in my quest for thoroughness, however, and the thought of my lovely supportive backers keeps me going!

4. Most of the work I have done so far is with paper and print, because they are my most familiar mediums. However, I am going to dive into more metal and textile work--wish me luck! (I'll psot pictures of my mangled limbs...) The weather is a hindrance in using anything that has toxic fumes, because not only is it very cold outside, but every inch of outdoor space is covered in a few feet of snow. I have a full functioning gas mask I can use for indoors, but unfortunately I cannot provide the same lung protection for the dog and roommate.

5. I have pictures, but will wait to post them until the haiku go out, so the person who is receiving it will be the first to see it.